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David Bell
Dip Ag. Sci; G.D.A.; M.App.Sci (Ag); (MIAS).

A successful twenty seven year career in the agricultural chemical industry involving agribusiness and retail management, field sales business management and research and development roles. Industry experience with commercial, technical, research and practical hands on experience in a wide range of horticultural and agricultural crops and biotechnology has provided a unique opportunity to develop a wide range of specialised skills within the agrochemical industry.

Actively developed new farming techniques including: sustainable agricultural programmes, conservation tillage, weed, pest and disease monitoring, paddock inspections, crop rotations, herbicide resistance management, Integrated Pest Management and the development of improved spray application techniques.

Managed product development portfolios and successfully brought several new herbicides to commercialisation, including Australia's largest selling herbicide.

Managed an extensive number of product performance enquiries and complaints involving a wide range of products in a very diverse range of crops for agribusiness's and multi national ag-chemical companies. This included the successful negotiation of complaint resolution.

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