David J Bell & Associates Pty Ltd. Agricultural & Horticultural Consultant.

Expert Witness in Agriculture and Horticulture:

David Bell & Associates is an independent professional consultant specialising in agricultural and horticultural claim preparation and economic loss quantification. Work is undertaken for the legal profession, insurance companies, agri business, agricultural chemical companies, spray equipment manufacturers and individual farmers.

Extensive experience in complaint handling and dispute resolution has been gained through technical and practical experience in a broad range of horticulture and agriculture crops.

Investigations in product performance enquiries and complaints can be undertaken with provision of a comprehensive investigation and report including:
Infield investigations.
Spray drift or over spray.
Spray application.
Product non performance and product failures.
Crop damage.
Tank mixing problems.
Herbicide carryover and crop rotational issues.
Herbicide resistance.
Integrated Pest Management
Collation, analysis and review of data and information.
Loss quantification and management.
Provision of expert reports
Incident management.
Negotiation and settlement
Dispute resolution

Agricultural and horticultural losses need to be managed expediently to ensure the best possible solution.

David J Bell & Associates provides pro-active and expedient management of agricultural and horticultural losses.

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